MochaGirl was established in 2011, and is headquartered in Oceanside, California. 
Our vision is to be the leading source of authorized Fashion and Beauty in the United States. We pride ourselves on providing the best and newest Fashion Jewelry and Accessories at a fraction of the cost. 

To provide first-class products and service is our company's business aim. Our catchwords are "quality and affordability. We hold the belief that reasonable and competitive prices attract countless clients. Thus, quick and considerate service is a cornerstone of success.


In stock items normally ship within two business days.  If an item is out of stock, it will normally ship within five business days.


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Our Mission: Our shop focuses on fashion jewelry, accessories, handmade beauty products and more .  MochaGirl strives to provide you with top fashion and beauty choices. 
Our Goals 
- Deliver Excellent Service

- Provide top fashion jewelry and accessories

- Develop strong affiliate network 

- Build up Unrivaled MochaGirl Team 
We promise to: 
- Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.

- Streamline the buying and payment with friendly customer service to make it as easy as possible.

- Make sure your confidential information will remain just that - confidential.

- Deliver goods with speed and precision.
We believe in the personal touch. We have e-mail on standby to answer any questions you might have, as well as to keep our customers informed on the latest specials and newest items. Or, if you need help or want to get more information about us, do not hesitate to contact us immediately by email at  We are looking forward to serving you.   Don't forget to bookmark our site and refer MochaGirl to your family and friends.
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Fashion jewelry originated on theater shows or stage sets where it was used for props. Jewelries were made from cheap materials. They were usually in big sizes and glaring colors so that they were easily visible to the audience. Artists became attached to these gorgeous additions to their costumes, and started wearing costume jewelry off the stage as well.  Fashion jewelry can be a way to dress up without spending too much money. In the late 1950's a trend for fashion jewelry started. At that time gold and faux Pearls were used as costume jewelry, which was then designed by a Coco fashion designer. In the 1960's a designer named Kenneth Jay Lane introduced various unique pieces for various models, and became popular for his jeweled belts and three-strand faux Pearl necklaces. Now a days, fashion jewelry has attained a "collectible" status. Fashion jewelry is considered a substantial secondary market for vintage or antique costume jewelry. With time, their value is definitely going to increase more and more.  Costume jewelries are made from an inexpensive range of materials like glass, plastic, wood, synthetic stones, bone, horn, resin, brass, aluminum, etc. In place of precious stones some semi precious stones are used. Metals like sterling silver or gold, silver plated brass are also used. Popularity and Style Fashion jewelry is popular among the both young and old generation.  The jewelry is easily available at retail as well as vintage stores specializing in accessories. They are specially designed to imitate upscale jewelry; however, not necessarily all fashion jewelries are inexpensive. Vintage jewelry or antique jewelry is quite expensive. Fashion jewelry is fast grabbing the popularity among the jewelry crazy customers, as the prices of gold and other precious metals in the global market keep rising.  They are perfect replacements for costly gemstone jewelry.


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